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The Many Different Herbs & Spices

As you tuck into your favourite takeaway curry this evening, try to guess exactly how many different herbs and spices are in it. You may not realise it but curries actually include several herbs and spices – all of which contribute not only to the pleasant aroma but also the spectacular taste of the curry. […]

Charity Dinner

Event Name The Nottingham Building Society event Charities Sports Aid and Framework Village and performers are called cherry Twirls.

What is your favourite curry?

There are many different types of curries out there and rightly so. Several spices exist, all of which have their unique flavour and when combined make incredibly tasty curries. As a local Nottingham curry house, Haveli offers many different types of curry dishes, each suitable for different people depending on your taste. That’s why it’s […]

Why Curries Are The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

Curry, the nation’s favourite dish. It has a special place in the hearts of many Brits. Whether it’s the Friday night takeout curry or that fancy restaurant that serves your favourite chicken curry – you can be sure that curries are a winner. Curries such as Chicken Korma and Lamb Biryani are classic favourites, but there are […]